Right now I feel a bit of  sadness, concerning my recent deepening of new layers of understanding about the nature of our lives and it’s many illusions. The Emptiness, the Oneness, that has so little room for the individual self. That individual self that has constructed itself in my brain, by the millions of experiences, impressions, layers upon layers of thoughts, memories… IS THAT THE ME I AM IDENTIFIED WITH? THAT ME IS CLEARLY IMPERMANENT!

But then, what is left of me? That big empty Oneness? That feels a bit sad! But maybe it’s just where I am right now. There are many mysteries in Life, I can actually feel it. Maybe I’m just in front of yet another mirror, which at some point will transform as a dimensional gateway leading to a new and wonderful …level of new discoveries and insights. I already feel it bubbling… yeah holographic quantum fields… 🙂 WoW Gregg Braden, so much stuff on Youtube! We are living fantastic times!!


Another NOW