There is a very fine line between feeling good and not feeling good. Between a glass that is half full and a glass that is half empty.

It’s a matter of angle and perspective. A very tiny variation of angle can make all the difference. To start I can have at least a sense of gratitude… for what? For all the basic things we take for granted: Health, food, shelter, safety… all the basic things we take for granted in our society. These things only recently became the default baseline in our societies.

We can then feel good about all the things we did today, even if it’s not as much and exactly what we wanted. Many little, nearly subliminal thoughts can go this way or that way. If I’m marginally aware of them, conscious of my general inner weather, I can turn the tide, influence here, choose there, and lo and behold: the dark and grey clouds dissipate, the sun shines through, and there is a whole different outlook to start from.

Feeling Good