Essential books for our times

I have recently been given a book recommendation by a friend, and I must say that in many ways it has literally blown me away. Enlightenment through knowing and understanding.

I have been on that psycho-spiritual path for at least the last 45 years (…. am I that old?:-) , and read lots of books, went deeper into many teachings, esoteric and others ( Alice Bailey, Findhorn,  diamond approach etc.) which are all very valuable and enlightening in their own very particular way.

Right now, as you  probably understood, I’m urging you to read “The Joseph Communications” books, as they are very important and enlightening for the times we are living and are going to live in a near future. They tell us who we really are (and you are going to have some surprises!), and what this (or these..) life on Earth is really about. It also enlightens us about the difficult situation here on Earth. Why are things so messed up, why is there so much negativity, violence and destruction. AND, most importantly: WHAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT. And what we should know to avoid getting trapped into another endless cycle.

That’s a lot, and I promise you won’t get disappointed.

First I read “The Fall”, which tells the story of how we created this world and through an initial mistake got trapped into our own creation.
The third book I warmly recommend from this series is “From Here to Infinity”. In this book you get to know who you really are. Your true nature is not meant to be trapped inside dense matter, but you truly are an eternal divine being whose true home is INFINITY. It also explains how we can free ourselves from the trap of matter and go back to our true home that is Infinity and infinite freedom and creativity.
Then I read “Your Life after Death”, which gives an amazing depth of knowledge about what happens after we die. I have read many good books about the “in-between lives” time, and this one brings the whole topic to an entirely new and very enlightening level.

If I have made you curious, you may get more info at :

The group connected to “The Joseph Communications” created a healing centre/ sanctuary in England:
They are also available as audio books on Audible and other platforms. Read by the author, they convey the great energy behind books.