I can sense a kind of background noise in my mind. It’s even subtler than the usual chitchat the mind is doing with itself. It’s a kind of baseline noise broadcasting to me and to the Universe the sum total of that constructed artifact that is my functioning ego self. In a way it creates my world, as it determines what I allow into my perception of myself and the world, which in that sense is just an extension, even a creation of that very self.

Changing that background noise would be very powerful. It would change everything. But it takes a lot of self-awareness and inner quietness to even sense it. But if I do, I can deeply and rapidly change how I perceive my self and the world. Tune myself to be mostly happy instead of mostly worried. Tune my self to be mostly lucky instead of mostly unlucky. Perceive the world as an amazing, exciting, friendly, magical, fulfilling place instead of something unsafe, unfriendly,  complicated.

Subliminal background noise