Finally I say it out loud: I’M A WRITER! That’s what I really like to identify with. That is who I really am.

meI love writing.
I love weaving a story.
I love playing with words.
I love creating characters and see them come alive.
I love touching readers.
I just love writing, and that’s the main thing I’m going to do from now on!

My new novel is OUT!!!

I have recently finished my  book project. The initial idea for the book came to me already ten years ago. Since then I have worked on it on and off, and it’s only in 2016 that I committed myself to finishing the book.

It has been a wonderful learning experience to create my story and the characters, and finally see them becoming animated by their own life. The story has developed in a way that I had not foreseen at the beginning. The world that has revealed itself in the story has surprised me by its scope and depth, and by how real and natural it is.

I heard once somebody say, that if an author imagines a world, the universe, in it’s infinite creativity, has already created it or will do it eventually. This is warming thought, as I love the world I have created as a possible future for humanity, and I hope this letter has inspired you to read it, or at least be curious about it.

As this is my first book, it needs all the help and love it can get to stand out in the sea of billions of books. I would be very happy if you could read it and post an online comment, if you like it.  I’m also very happy to have any contact with you if you want to call or write to me about the book or anything else dear to you.

Here are the links where you can get the Kindle eBook on Amazon USA, Germany, and Italy (also available on all the other sites)

If you want to get a paperback edition, here the direct Link to the editor in Germany.
It’s also soon available on the likes of Amazon and all book shops with the ISBN 9783746055251