The new version of my book “The Other World” and it’s translation in German are out!

I have had a life-long passionate interest in what’s behind the rainbow of life. It led me to a strong interest for various spiritual traditions and teachings, as well as psychology and the cutting edges of science.

Inspired by all these interests and personal insights, I have written “The Other World”, my first book, a few years ago. It’s out again in a revised version with a new cover. In the story, an amazing world comes to life, a world where spirit and science are reunited, and where people know their planet as a sentient being.

I intend to finish and publish the second book this year. It is the sequel of “The Other World” and second part of the planed trilogy.

It has been a wonderful experience to create the story and the characters, and finally see them becoming animated by their own life and purposes. The story has developed in a way that I had not foreseen at the beginning. The world that has revealed itself in the story has surprised me by its scope and depth, and by how real and natural it is.

I heard once somebody say, that if an author imagines a world, the universe, in it’s infinite true nature, has already created it or will do so eventually. This is warming thought, as I love the world I have created as a possible future for humanity, and I hope I can inspire you to be curious about it and read it.

It’s available worldwide on Amazon.
Thanks a lot for anything you like to do to support the book that is a great story that inspires new and hopeful ways to see life and the universe we live in.


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